The Best Motherboards For i5 CPUs

by May 29, 2018

Best Motherboards For i5 8600K


i5 8600k motherboard

Size: ATX | Socket: LGA1151 | Chipset: Z370

  • Visually appealing
  • Excellent overclocking potential
  • Great RGB Customizability
  • High-Quality aesthetics
  • Does not have RGB header
  • Expensive

MSI Z370 A Pro

best cheap gaming motherboard for i5

Size: ATX | Socket: LGA1151 | Chipset: Z370

  • Budget Friendly
  • Excellent build quality
  • VR Ready
  • Lacks visual appeal

MSI Z370 GodLike Gaming

best motherboard for i5 8600k

Size: EATX | Socket: LGA1151 | Chipset: Z370

  • Great aesthetics
  • Excellent overclocking potential
  • RGB Customizability
  • Very Expensive


best motherboard for i5 cpu

Size: ATX | Socket: LGA1151 | Chipset: Z370

  • Customizable RGB Lighting
  • Smart fan controlling system
  • Good value for money
  • Excellent overclocking potential
  • Poor efficiency for non-overclockers

Picking the Right motherboard for 8th Gen i5 processors

There are several factors to consider while buying a motherboard, Compatibility is the first one on the list. The new 8th gen processors are currently only supported by the Z370 chipset, This surely eliminates the complications whiling choosing a motherboard since there are not a lot of options available.

The chipset being clear, It's time to check compatibility for GPU and RAM, It is essential that the motherboard is capable of not only satisfying current but future upgradability needs as well. Thanks for PCIe 3.0, Almost all motherboards will support both Radeon and Nvidia cards but compatibility for their inline configuration is something to look for, Few motherboards will support only CrossFire configuration while others support SLI, This is an only to the most essential specification detail to check while buying a motherboard.

RAM doesn't poss much of a compatibility issue anymore, All latest motherboards support DDR4 and it's the stands being used as the price difference the previous Gen is not as significant anymore. Z370 being the only supported chipset for 8th Intel CPU can be hard on your pocket, Rather than finding the motherboard closet to your maximum budget, Consider finding the one which provides the best value for your needs. Note that more affordable Motherboard options will be released soon but till then the only compatible option for I5 8600k CPUs are the expensive Z370 motherboards.

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