Smallest Micro ATX(mATX) Cases – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

by Apr 19, 2018

Smallest Micro ATX(mATX) Cases 2018

It’s not the size, but what you do with it, that counts!

We rated, reviewed, & compared the smallest Micro ATX cases across various budgets. These cases are perfect for an HTPC or a compact gaming build.

Best Small, Compact & Slim Micro ATX Cases

silverstone small uatx case SG10BSilverstone SG10BmATX / Micro ATX337mm

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Fractal Design define mini c matxFractal Design Define Mini CmATX / Micro ATX310mm

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InWin301 small micro atx caseInWin 301mATX / Micro ATX330mm

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smallest micro atx case by thermaltakeThermaltake Core G3mATX / Micro ATX310mm

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Lian-Li Case PC-O6SX compact micro atx caseLian-Li PC-O6SXmATX / Micro ATX290 mm

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Silverstone SG10B

silverstone small uatx case SG10B

What We Loved

  • Dual Graphics Card w/ 13.3″ of clearance
  • Great cooling out-of-the-box
  • Great cable management

What We Didn’t Like

  • No venting holes at the bottom

Fractal Design Define Mini C

Fractal Design define mini c matx

What We Loved

  • Elegant looks
  • Can be oriented horizontally or vertically
  • Decent clearance

What We Didn’t Like

  • Poor cable management

InWin 301 mATX

InWin301 small micro atx case

What We Loved

  • Custom water cooling
  • Full-sized GPU clearance
  • Elegant design

What We Didn’t Like

  • Quite big compared to other cases on this list

Thermaltake Core G3

smallest micro atx case by thermaltake

What We Loved

  • Elegant looks
  • Can be oriented vertically or horizontally
  • Clearance for a full sized GPU and custom water cooling loop

What We Didn’t Like

  • A little expensive

Lian-Li PC-O6SX

Lian-Li Case PC-O6SX compact micro atx case

What We Loved

  • Very slim
  • Great clearance
  • Great looks
  • High-end build quality

What We Didn’t Like

  • Very expensive

Factors To Consider When Buying a Micro ATX Case

Before you start digging for your favorite gaming case, It' necessary that you understand what you exactly need. Micro ATX cases come in all shapes and sizes; Some have clearance for a full-size GPU other have enough space for liquid cooling. Knowing what you are looking for is the first step to finding your absolute mATX case.

Since you are here, You are looking for the smallest available micro ATX cases, but this information is not enough. What features do you expect the case to have? Do you plan on using liquid coolers? What hardware do you plan on upgrading in the future?

Why get a Small Case?

The competition for small form factor cases is pretty tight. There are hundred of mATX cases and new ones launched regularly; It can be hard to find the absolute case for your build. Most of these cases are designed to best use the available space; There are always better designs launching which make even better use of the space.

Irrespective of the use, Be it gaming or an office machine, A small and elegant looking computer is much more comfortable to work with. Also, space consumption is a major factor; You don't always have enough space on the desk on under it to keep a full tower ATX.

mATX VS Mini ITX - What's best for your needs?

Take space consumption as the major factor; It raises another question; If you are looking to build the smallest computer but not just pick a mini ITX case? They are much smaller than a mATX.

It is true to an extent, but a Mini ITX case massively limits the hardware compatibility. Only a few Mini ITX cases support a full sized GPU. This not being it, maximum memory and graphics card compatibility is about half of an ATX motherboard. Thought Mini ITX case is an excellent choice, They are not the right pick for a high-end, Mid-range gaming builds.

Another factor that makes Micro ATX way ahead of Mini-ITX is the cooling requirement; A more compact computer requires a better cooling solution which can cost you quite a lot whereas, with a more significant case, It is much easier to keep it cool with budget solutions.